Your artworks will be hung on the walls of thousands of homes and you will earn an attractive royalty fee.

We sell wall decoration products on our online store,, (see our Facebook page here) and we are now planning to expand our selection by adding high quality exclusive printed posters. We are looking for 20 to 30 artists, from all over the world, that are interested in joining us on this journey and providing us with their artworks to be used to produce our posters. You may want to submit your existing artworks and/or create new ones. Our goal is to cover most subjects, categories and styles, such as abstract, animals, nature, persons, fashion, architecture, nudes, color, B/W, for children, etc.

Summary of how it works

  1. You will show your interest by contacting us through email addresses listed below.
  2. Together with you, we select the artworks you want to include on our website.
  3. You provide us with high resolution files of the selected artworks.
  4. Your art will be displayed and available for purchase as posters on our website. Customers may select a poster, its size and paper quality. The usual poster sizes are 30x40, 50x70 and 70x100 centimeters, but odd sizes are also welcome.
  5. After a customer purchases one or more posters and completes the payment, the poster(s) will be printed out on the selected paper material and size, using the high-resolution file of your artwork. The poster(s) will then be shipped to the customer.
  6. You will receive your royalty fees once per month according to the number of sold posters of your artworks.

Number of artworks you can submit

We don’t limit the number of artworks an artist may submit. Note that before final artwork selection, you do not need to provide us with high-resolution files.


We will launch this poster project in Sweden. Shortly after the Swedish launch, we will expand to the other North European countries. In the second phase of the expansion, we will roll out the online shop to the rest of the EU.

File format and pixel resolution

We will inform you about the minimum required resolution and file format at a later stage. For handmade artworks, you will need to scan your artwork.


The art files will be on our secured server at a data center protected by security routines, firewalls and backups. No access is allowed for non-authorized persons. The files will automatically be fed into printing machines. Usually, no human intervention is required. If our relationship with an artist is terminated, the files will be permanently erased from the print servers.

Royalty fee

The royalty fee for each sold poster of your artwork is US$2.00 or 15% of the sold price (excluding VAT) whichever is higher. Examples:

  • a poster of the size 50x70 will be sold for about $20 ex VAT resulting in $3 royalty fee
  • a poster of the size 70x100 will be sold for about $28 ex VAT resulting in $4.20 royalty fee

The royalty fee concept relies on the volume of sales. The sales quantity for each poster will depend on the style and motif of the artwork. The more images an artist submits, the higher the possibility of higher monthly sales for the artist.

After 4 to 6 months of marketing activities, we roughly estimate a popular poster may sell up to 20 pieces per month. If an artist has submitted 30 popular artworks, they may sell up to 600 posters per month, which would result in a monthly total royalty fee between 1,200 and 1,800 US$.

Sales reports and payment

In the first half of each month, each artist will receive a monthly sales report and royalty fee calculation for her / his artworks for the previous month. The payment will be done between 20th and 25th of the month. We are currently reviewing PayPal services as the platform for the payment.

Next steps

If you are interested in working together with us please send an email to and / or and let us know where we can take a look at your artwork. We will then get back to you with more information and perhaps discuss the next step in a Skype meeting in detail.